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                            Department of Marketing

1. History

The initial research direction of the Department of Marketing, formerly known as the Materials Teaching and Research Section of the Management Engineering Department which was established in 1983, is management engineering and materials management. In 2003, it is endowed with the right to grant the bachelor’s degree in marketing. With the growth of faculty and the adaptability to market demand, the department, at present, has become a base for the cultivation of inter-disciplinary senior talents specializing in the marketing management of industrial and commercial enterprises.

2. Courses

International Commercial Law, Commercial Law, Customer Relationship Management, Advertising, Pricing and Promotion Management, Marketing Diagnosis and Consulting, Promotion Practice, Market Research, Channel and Distributor Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, International Business, Brand Management Discussion

3. Faculty

The Department of Marketing now has 18 teachers, including 4 professors (2 doctoral advisors), 5 associate professors, 9 lecturers and 12 doctors. See faculty introduction for details.

4. Major achievements

The research areas involve marketing management, brand management, consumer behavior, e-commerce, technology innovation and management, intellectual property management, etc.; the department has undertaken 1 national natural science fund (youth) project, 3 national social science fund (youth) projects, nearly 20 provincial and ministerial-level fund projects in recent 5 years; many people have obtained Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award, Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Hohai University Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards, with more than a hundred academic papers and books that have been written and published.