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The business education of Hohai University can be traced back to the establishment of the Hohai Engineering College in 1915, the establishment of a business specialty course during the Hohai Engineering University in 1927, the restoration of business education during the East China Water Conservancy College in 1979, and the establishment of the department of management engineering in 1983. Hohai University is one of the earliest higher education institutions in China to establish a business discipline.


The Business School of Hohai University takes seeking knowledge from all over the world and becoming a business elite as its school-running purpose, Hohai characteristics, world-renowned as its strategic positioning, and internationalization, high-level, mainstream, and distinctive as its development path. With the four-wheel drive of education, scientific research, consulting, and training as the development model, teachers and students work hand in hand, strive hard, pioneer and innovate. Now it has two main discipline categories (management, economics), three main first-level disciplines (Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Applied Economics). HHBS has become a high-level business school with post-doctor, doctoral, master (including MBA, engineering master), bachelor and other multi-level and multi-type talent training capabilities, scientific research, social services, and cultural inheritance.


HHBS now has 7 business departments, the Department of Management and Human Resources, the Department of Marketing, the Department of Finance, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Management Science and Information Management, the Department of Engineering Economics and Engineering Management, and the Department of Economics and International Trade; 29 Research institutions, the Institute of Water Conservancy Economics, the Institute of Strategic Management, the Institute of Investment, the Institute of Environmental Accounting and Asset Management, the Institute of Intellectual Property, the Institute of Technological Innovation and Economic Development, the Institute of Management Science, the Institute of Engineering Management, Planning and Decision Research Institute, Human Resources Research Institute, Industrial Economic Research Institute, Project Management Research Institute, Securities Research Institute, Jiangsu Enterprise International Development Research Base, International River Research Center, Ministry of Water Resources Human Resources Research Institute, Jiangsu Coastal Resource Economic Research Center, China (Nanjing) Talent Development Research Center, Jiangsu Circular Economy Engineering Research Center, Eastern Resource Environment and Sustainable Development Research Center, Jiangsu Water Resources and Sustainable Development Research Center, Jiangsu Science and Technology Think Tank, Engineering Philosophy and Management Research Center, Infrastructure Investment and Financing Research Center, Science and Technology Economic Research Center, Oriental Management Research Center, Yacht Management Research Center, Water Conservancy Management Innovation Research Center, World Water Valley and Water Ecological Civilization Collaborative Innovation Center; 2 professional education and social service institutions, MBA Education Center and Master of Engineering Education Center.


HHBS currently has 211 faculty members. There are 181 full-time teachers, including 38 professors and 74 associate professors, and 73% of them have doctorate degrees. The school has 6,790 students of various types, including 643 doctoral students, 513 academic master students, 2,363 professional degree master students, 214 international students, and 3057 undergraduates.


The School of Business has a relatively complete discipline and professional system and level, with 2 post-doctoral mobile stations in Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering; 2 first-level doctoral degree awarding points in Management Science and Engineering, and Business Administration; 5 first-level master's programs in Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Library and Information and Archives Management, as well as 7 professional degree master's programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Accounting (MPAcc), Asset Appraisal, Master of Engineering Management, International Business, Finance, Library and Information; 10 undergraduates in Business Administration, International Economics and Trade, Financial Management, Engineering Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Marketing, Information Management and Information Systems, Financial Engineering, Big Data Management and Application. Among them, Technical Economy and Management is a national key (cultivation) discipline, a key discipline of the Ministry of Water Resources and a key discipline of Jiangsu Province, Business Management is a key first-level discipline of Jiangsu Province, and Engineering Management and Project Management are key disciplines of Jiangsu Province. In the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, the two disciplines of management science and engineering, and business administration were approved as B+, ranking among the top 20% of the country. In 2018, the two disciplines of Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration were approved for the construction of the third phase of the construction project of superior disciplines in Jiangsu universities.


The HHBS has continuously improved the quality of student training in recent years, which has had a wider impact both inside and outside the school. In the 2017 Challenge Cup college students extracurricular academic technology work competition, HHBS won 1 second prize in the national competition and 1 second prize in the provincial competition; In the 2018 Creating Youth National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition, HHBS won 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal; In the 2019 provincial competition of the “Challenge Cup” college students extracurricular academic science and technology competition, HHBS won 1 first prize; HHBS also won 1 second prize in the provincial competition of the “Internet +” college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2019.


While the college is committed to cultivating multi-level and multi-type high-quality talents, scientific research has also achieved fruitful results. In the past five years, the college's various scientific research funds have accumulated more than 130 million Yuan. HHBS has got over 29 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, 22 National Social Science Foundation projects; published more than 2000 papers, including 155 SCI/SSCI papers and more than 700 CSSCI papers; won 42 provincial and ministerial awards.


In order to make the college an international, high-level, mainstream, and distinctive first-class business school, HHBS has accelerated the pace of its integration with the world. AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA, IPMP and PMP certification are in progress. In 2015, the Hohai University MBA program passed the AMBA international certification, and in 2018, it passed the re-certification. In 2015, the Master of Engineering in the field of project management of Hohai University passed the PMI-GAC international certification. In 2017, the Master of Engineering Management of Hohai University passed the IPMP certification. In the 2019 Eduniversal Global 1000 Best Business Schools Competition, HHBS won two Palm Tree Awards. Among them, the Master of Engineering Management program ranked 18th in East Asia; the Master of Applied Economics program ranked 30th in East Asia; and the Master of Information Management and E-commerce program ranked 30th in East Asia.


The Business School of Hohai University runs schools in Nanjing and Changzhou, with superior hardware facilities and complete research conditions. The school’s documentation center has a total area of 2,300 square meters, a reading area of 1,100 square meters, and a professional collection of more than 50,000 volumes.


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