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Among the national key universities, Hohai University was one of the first to set up courses in economics and management, as Business School of Hohai University was established in 1983. In the past three decades, our school has used the mission statement "pursuing global knowledge and becoming business elites”. The school, together with the faculty and students, has been dedicating to growth and innovation by adopting a development model that incorporates education, research, consulting and training. Within this, good innovation along with students and teachers working together has created a school specializing in finance, industry and business, management science and project management. The school has a wide variety of degree options at the doctorate, masters (including MBA, MEM, etc.) and bachelor levels.


In order to adapt to Chinese society and its economic trends, the school has applied the standard international norm in setting up disciplines and organizations. It has kept up on talent training and scientific research, and has strengthened the application of courses and the real world skills of students. Hence, the school has ranked among the top schools in the country in terms of school management and comprehensive strength.

"Community-oriented and expanding contacts”is an important principle of the school. Because of this, the school has developed collaboration and exchange relationships with the World Bank and many academic organizations and enterprises in the United States, Japan, Australia, Europe. Further, the school has had long-term collaborations with hundreds of enterprises in China.


History is progressing, society is developing. Looking back, our hearts are full of pride. Looking ahead, we still have a profound task to perform and a long way to go. Human society has stepped into the 21st century, where opportunities and challenges co-exist. With our eager to make progress along with the community's care and support, we firmly believe that the Business School of Hohai University will certainly make a firm step towards a better future.

 Prof. ZHOU Haiwei

Dean of  HHBS