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                      Department of Engineering Economics and Engineering Management

1. History

With a long school-running history, the Project Management Specialty of Hohai University dates back to the Water Conservancy and Electric Power Management Specialty (junior college level) that was set up in 1983. In 1985, it officially enrolled the undergraduates majoring in Water Conservancy and Electric Power Engineering (Management Engineering), with the training direction of Engineering Management (Hydropower Construction Management); in 1999, it officially changed its name to the Engineering Management Specialty, expanding its professional connotation to the entire construction industry on the basis of the original characteristics of water conservancy project.

In 2005, the Engineering Management Specialty of Hohai University passed for the first time the specialty assessment conducted by former Ministry of Construction and passed the re-evaluation in 2010; in 2006 it obtained the construction funds for the brand specialty of the university; in 2012 it passed the acceptance inspection of the characteristic specialty of Jiangsu Province.

Since its establishment, the Engineering Management Specialty adheres to the educational philosophy of Hohai University, makes continuous exploration, and gradually forms the following characteristics:

Form the schooling ideas that “base on water conservancy and target at large civil engineering”. With the discipline and resource advantages of water conservancy and civil engineering, Hohai University establishes the schooling ideas that “base on water conservancy and target at large civil engineering”. Centering on this philosophy, it sets up water-related courses in the curriculum system and establishes the practice base for the water-related industry. Professional teachers integrate the research results into the materials construction and curriculum teaching, so that students are well equipped with the knowledge of water conservancy, with obvious competitive advantages for employment.

Form a hierarchical training mode for engineering management professionals. Personalized courses are established in the training plan (12 version), which includes two types of elective courses, i.e., academic research and applied technology, adaptable to the running principle of the university and the social trends, and achieves the personalized training for the specialty of engineering management.

2. Courses

Engineering Project Evaluation, Engineering Project Management, Real Estate Appraisal, Project Management, Construction Laws and Regulations, Introduction to Architecture Engineering, Project Management, Project Management and Informatization, Engineering Project Evaluation, Engineering Project Management, etc.

3. Faculty

The Engineering Economy and Management Specialty of Hohai University currently has 22 professional teachers, including 6 professors, 10 associate professors, and 8 lecturers. There are 13 teachers with the doctoral degree.

4. Major achievements

From 1985, the department began to enroll postgraduate students majoring in Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Port and Coastal Engineering (Management Engineering direction); in 1995, it was eligible for the master program of Management Science and Engineering; in 2003, eligible for the doctorial program (first level discipline) of Management Science and Engineering; in 2008, the secondary discipline of Engineering Management and Project Management were awarded as the key disciplines of Jiangsu Province; in 2009 passed “IPMP” international certification.

The combination of personnel training and scientific research to promote the professional standards is a major feature of the Engineering Management Specialty of Hohai University. Over more than 20 years, the faculty of Engineering Management Specialty closely integrated the management of many national large-scale construction projects into their research, such as the Three Gorges, Xiaolangdi Project, Guangdong Province Dongjiang-Shenzhen Water Supply Reconstruction Project and South-to-North Water Diversion Project, etc., making a batch of representative research results. The faculty has won a Grand Prize and a Third Prize at the provincial level respectively. In the recent five years, the annual scientific research funds obtained by the department amounts to about 3 million Yuan, with the total research funds of about 17 million Yuan. 4 monographs and more than 200 papers have been published.