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Program Overview

BusinessSchool ofHohaiUniversity started to recruit students on Master of Engineering (ME for short hereafter) since 2004. Hohai-ME program mainly orients towards applicants who are working in enterprises or engineering fields and it focuses on fostering applied, compound, high-level engineering talents with management techniques and skills. At present, Hohai-ME program has three concentrations which include Project Management, Industrial Engineering and Logistics Engineering.

Program Features

1. Established in 1915, Hohai University is one of the universities in China that boast the longest historical standing.

2. Hohai-ME program is an integrated discipline that combines engineering with management.

3. Hohai-ME Program attaches much importance to international accreditations. ME in Project Management has obtained the accreditation awards issued by PMI-GAC and IPMP.

4. Hohai-ME Program has been making active endeavor to explore more opportunities of international study and communication for students to enrich their study.

5.Hohai-ME Programawarded “National Engineering Master Postgraduates Education Characteristic Engineering Field”.

Project Management

Project management is one of the key disciplines of Hohai University, which enjoys high reputation at home and abroad, and it is a leader in this field in China. Over the years, Hohai University has completed a great deal of national key projects and international scientific research cooperation projects in those areas which include project management, integrated management, project controlling, computer-aided management, construction management, etc. Besides, Hohai University also provided management consultation for some important large-scale projects, such as the Three Gorges Project,XiaolangdiDam, South-North Water Transfer Project and other major projects.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is a comprehensive discipline which integrates engineering technology and management science. It aims at cost-reducing, quality and productivity improving and it uses systematic, professional, scientific methods and multi-discipline knowledge to plan, design, evaluate, innovate and make decision through the integrated system combined by personnel, material, facility ,energy and information so as to the form a more effective and reasonable optimized system.

Logistics Engineering

hohaiUniversity is among the first batch of higher institutions in China that launched research and practice on Logistics. Meanwhile, it is also one of the pioneering universities which recruits and cultivates students on Logistics Engineering. Being a newly comprehensive discipline, Logistics Engineering has developed a sequence of theories and methodology which focuses on programming and designing of logistical systems, logistical resources allocation, planning and controlling of logistical operational process and operational management of enterprise logistics.