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Introduction to  Master of Engineering Education Center


 Master of Engineering  Education Center of Business School of Hohai University (HHU),founded in March2004, is the earliestin the departments and the firstfull--timeinstitution of HHU, mainly responsible for theenrollment, training, management, education and researchworkofengineering masters.

 Master of Engineering Education Center is mainly responsible for the enrollment and training of graduate students majoring in engineering and the high-end training service of graduates majoring in project management. Major degrees in Engineering include Master of Engineering Management and Master of Engineering inProject Management, Industrial Engineering, and Logistic Engineering.High-end trainings in project management mainly include IPMP certification training, PMP certification training, international engineering project management training, training of project management core courses, first-level constructor training, senior management personnel training of engineering enterprises, senior management personnel training in water-related industries and so on.

In recent years, the Center has gradually formulated the rules and regulations regarding the education for Master of Engineering, including the organization of student source, teaching and training, management services, comprehensive evaluation, educational research and so on and improves them in the process of execution continuously. The Center always adheres to the educational concept of changing according to needs; modularizes the curriculum based on the actual situations of employers, students and schools; formulates a flexible and scientific implementation curriculum; and adjusts continuously when implementing. The whole process of teaching and management is controlled and adjusted through multi-level evaluation systems. Since 2004,theEngineering Master Education Center has enrolled 1, 800 candidates of Master of Engineering and Master of Engineering Management as of June 1, 2017.

After more than 10 years of development, the Center adheres to the value of seeking innovation and pursuing the best, to cultivate outstanding engineering management personnel as its own responsibility, constantly innovates in teaching content and methods, integrates superior resources, and has formed its own unique training characteristics:

For the sake of changing according to needs, the resource advantage is in agreement with the goal orientation;

Soft manufacturing and precise manufacturing are combined to reach a win-win result between the school and enterprises;

Laying a solid foundation in basic theories, pursuing extensive frontier knowledge, and emphasizing practical application.

Since 2004, Business School has been establishing long term strategic developing cooperative relationships with Water Conservancy Department Immigration Bureau, Water Conservancy Irrigation Center, Jiangsu Water Conservancy Department, Anhui Water Conservancy Department, Fujian Water Conservancy Department, Guangdong Water conservancy Department, Hainan Water Affair Department,JiangxiWater Conservancy Department,Guizhou Water Conservancy Department, Yunnan Water Conservancy Department, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Water Conservancy Department, Shenzhen Water Affair Bureau, China Hydropower Consulting Group Chengdu Investigation and Design Research Institution, China Hydropower Consulting Group Kunming Investigation and Design Research Institution, Guizhou Water Conservancy Hydropower Investigation and Design Research Institution, Zhujiang Water Conservancy Committee Investigation and Design Research Institution, Jiangsu Engineering Consultation Association and other government departments, large and medium-sized enterprises, public institutions, and so on, and has cultivated a large number of project management senior talents for government departments, enterprises and public institutions in the water related engineeringfields.

At the same time, the educational work of the Center has also been recognized by the society.

In 2009, Hohai University acquired the approval from National Engineering Master’s Major Degree Education Instruction Committee and Project Management Research Committee,China, became “the Cooperation of Project Management field’s Engineering Master and International Project Management Professional (IPMP)’s Cultivating Organization”, and was authorized as the Engineering Master IPMP Authentication and Training Center.

In 2011, Hohai University Project Engineering Master obtained “National Engineering Master Postgraduates Education Characteristic Engineering Field”.

In 2012, the Engineering Master education of Business School of Hohai University had been selected as the Europe Eduniversal 2012-2013 Year World Best Master Project. 2000 projects from 465 universities of 153 nations all over the world had participated in voting for the Eduniversal 2012-2013 Year World Best Master Project, Business School’s Engineering Master rankedthe34th of East Asia District Engineering and Project Management Category.

In 2014, the Engineering Master Education of Business School of Hohai University ranked the 31 of the Europe Eduniversal best master project in the Southeast Asia District.

In April 2015, it was granted PMI-REP Qualification (No.: 4178).

In August 2015, it passed the PMI-GAC certification, and became the 8th university on mainland China with the international certification.