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1. Case Study

In order to better enhance students' ability of theoretical learning and practice, according to the case study teaching methods of Harvard University, HHU MBA Programme attaches importance on the combination of case discussion and theory explanation.


2. Action learning

MBA education bears the responsibility to cultivate business managers with a master's degree for times; MBA education would get rid of the tendency of paying more attention to theoretical study and neglecting practical application in the teaching model; otherwise, cultivated MBA graduates will not be qualified for the demands of enterprises for senior executives. Therefore, the teaching model of HHU MBA Programme is under the transforming period from theory teaching to case teaching and then to action learning.


3. Mobile classrooms

In experiential teaching, students’ subjectivity dimension return and they can be devoted to teaching, learning and a variety of activities completely and actively. In order to adopt experiential teaching in the programme more widely, HHU MBA Programme introduces the teaching model of “mobile classroom” to enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of MBA teaching, strengthen students’ interest in learning, promote students’ understanding of theoretical knowledge through cultivating students’ ability of analyzing business and society and problem-solving.


4. Foreign teachers’ courses

In order to broaden students' international horizon and try the best to enable them to absorb the forefront theory and practical knowledge of international business management timely, HHBS regularly invites foreign teachers to open foreign teachers’ curriculum or hold forefront academic lectures for Hohai MBA students.


Featured lectures

To help students consolidate their basic knowledge and accurately grasp the cutting-edge academy, HHU MBA Programme pays much attention to the combination of classroom teaching with cutting-edge lectures, especially the opening of water-related characteristics lectures.