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With the mission of upholding spirit offseason interpretation of helmsman demeanor, HHU MBA Programme is the kind of innovative education which committed to train the business management professional talents with the demeanor of helmsman. It selects the Yangtze River Delta region and water-related industries as the target market to attract prospective students, insists on the ideals of water-featured diversity development, and promotes the water-related management and commerce by way of internationalization and innovation.

Specifically, the purposes of training in HHU MBA Programme is to train the entrepreneurs and professional managers who can grasp the corporate truth and market pulse, have the strategically forward-looking and international perspective, achieve the decision-making and practical operations, reflect the excellent quality and superior ability, and have good business ethics and teamwork spirit. The purposes of training in HHU MBA Programme can be described with the terse words, namely M for Merit, B for Backbone, and A for Ambition.

The purpose of HHU MBA Programme is to enable the students:

  • Have the comprehensive perspective on all management areas, and acquire the most advanced concepts and technologies for all functions (such as operations research, human resources, finance, marketing, information technology);

  • Utilize their experience to integrate the theoretical knowledge and concepts, and design an innovative strategy in any sector, industry or a new attempt;

  • Develop the creative and effective plan of implementation for this strategy;

  • Enhance the students' leadership and change management abilities (including conflict management, interpersonal communication, coaching and negotiation);

  • Analyze new problems with rigor attitude and find a variety of novel solutions;

  • Have the macro strategic vision, to not only consider the impact of their decisions on their own, but also consider their impact on the macroeconomic and political environment;

  • Learn to think about the impact of their decisions on the market and society, the reaction of market and society to their own decisions, and other strategic issues.