International Education Programs

The International Education Center (Affiliated to the International Cooperation Office) is responsible for international education. Through collaborations with the overseas universities in terms of credit recognition, student exchange, and short-time visit, etc, the center delicates itself to provide students with opportunities to study in prestigious universities overseas, which aims to cultivate international talents with outstanding management expertise. 


Since 2010, HHBS has established 11 cooperation programs with foreign universities, including University of Alabama in Huntsville, University of Northern Iowa, Bangor University, king's College in Canada, and so on. So far, a total of 185 students joined in "2+2” and “4+1” program. The prospect of their continue education and employment is highly evaluated. Some students chose to continue their education in top 50 Business Schools in the USA. Some students worked in multinational companies or Chinese-funded institutions abroad. Others worked in the Big Four audit firms and headquarters of multinational companies in Shanghai, Beijing and some other metropolis in China.


Cooperation Programs:

University of Northern Iowa, "2+2"  and “4+1” program          

Alabama University in Huntsville,  "2+2"  and “4+1” program 

Bangor University,  "2+2"  and “4+1” program