International Communication

The school has paid great attention to academic exchange both at home and abroad, and established extensive cooperative and exchange relationships with the World Bank and some prestigious universities in the U.S, France, U.K, Holland, etc. It also invites foreign professors and experts to give lectures and conduct cooperative research. 

Business School of Hohai University annually assigns 20 of our faculty abroad to world top 200 universities as visiting scholars as one of the strategies that it takes to realize the faculty internationalization. 


A  total  of  161  students  participated  in 2+2 program and 4+1 program. The  prospect  of  employment  and  continue  education  is  highly  evaluated.  Some  students  chose  to  work  in  the  Big  Four  audit  firms  and  headquarters  of  multinational  companies,  and  some  of  them  continued  their  education  in  the  highly  ranked  university  like  Columbia  University  in  the  USA.

Besides degree programs, we also organize student exchange programs,  cultural communication events at home and abroad.