School Profile


  The business education of Hohai University can be traced back to the establishment of the Hohai Engineering School in 1915. In 1927, the school was renamed as Hohai Engineering University and business subjects were setup in university. In 1979, business education was resumed in the time of East China School of Hydraulic Engineering. In 1983, Management Engineering Department was established. Hohai University is one of the pioneer universities thathave business discipline after reform and opening-up.

  Taking the character of water as our highest standard of behavior and morality, Business School of Hohai University strives to make contributions to our community and society. Our mission is to pursue excellence in knowledge creation, integration and application, and to breed practical business elites. With the excellence of dedicated service in water industry, our vision is to become an innovative business school with worldwide reputation. Our strategy is to develop by providing high quality business education, improving the internationalization of the school, entering the mainstream of management education and research, and maintain distinctive characteristics in water industry. The school, together with the faculty and students, has been dedicating to growth and innovation by adopting a development model that incorporates education, research, consulting and training.  

  Business School of Hohai University has advanced hardware facilities and research conditions. The new office building has a total capacity of 37800 square meters with 26000 square meters of the main building being facilitated with central air conditioning. Each of the faculty has a separated office with 16 square meters. Moreover, there is an area of 11000 square meters for research institutes and labs, and the teaching area takes up 7800 square meters. The documentation center of our school occupies 2300 square meters, in which 1100 square meters is utilized as reading area. There are more than 300 thousand academic books in the center.

  Up until September, 2014, Business School of Hohai University has 133 full-time faculty members, including 30 professors and 43 associate professors. Faculty with senior titles takes up 55%. Faculty with doctoral degrees takes up 72%. Faculty with degrees or education background from other universities accounts for more than 50%. Faculty with overseas education background takes up nearly 60%. Besides, HHBS has one Double Employed Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and two Entrepreneur Professors. Twenty-three scholars are employed by Hohai University as part-time professors. Thirty scholars are employed by HHBS as part-time professors. More than 70 experts are employed as MBA teachers or Education Base teachers.

  In the past five years, there are more than 5000 students at Business School of Hohai University per year on average. Now, there are 5041 enrolled students in total, including 579Ph.D. candidates, 615 academic master degree candidates, 1862 professional master degree candidates, 16 teachers who are part-time master degree candidates and 1889 undergraduate students. Among the professional master degree students, there are 932 MBA students, 150 MPAcc students and 780 ME students.

  Business School has three desciplines, namely Business Administration, Industrial Economics and Management, and Applied Economics. During the first-level discipline assessment organized by The Ministry of Education in China, Business Administration ranked 14th in 2003; Applied Economics ranked 19th in 2004; Management Science and Engineering ranked 16th in 2006. In 2012, Management discipline in HHBS was graded “A+”, ranking 30th among universities ranking in China.

Business School of Hohai University has started the application for several International Accreditations, including AACSB Accreditation, EQUIS Accreditation, AMBA Accreditation, PMI Accreditation and IPMP Accreditation.

Business School of Hohai University has attached great importance to academic exchange both at home and abroad, and established extensive cooperative and exchange relationships with some international organizations and prestigious universities in the U.S, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Every year, it invites many foreign professors and experts to deliver lectures or conduct cooperative researches. In addition, a large number of faculty members in Business School are sent abroad as visiting scholars to overseas universities, such as Duke University, University of Maryland, Northeastern University, University of California Riverside, University of Alberta and so on. In the past five years, a series of international conferences have beensuccessfully held in HHBS such as the 6th Asia Organization Development Summit, the 11thConference of IFEAMA, Ministerial Conference on Water Economics for Developing Countries, and the 2013 Conference of IFSAM Council.