School Culture

   Motto of HHU Business School
To grasp thorough knowledge integrating both Western and Chinese culture, reaching the sheer professionalism is what we have been pursuing.
To dedicate oneself to construction of the country, whilst serving country, and fostering talents with ability and integrity
To emphasize both ideological and practical work and taking the philosophy as “study serve the practical purpose”.
To explore the academics, endeavoring to become the scientific and educational elite and utilizing the knowledge in the practice.
To pay attention to all fields of learning and acknowledge the society is our eternal education. 
To carry on the tradition and innovate in culture, endeavoring to be model and social elite in thoughts and ideas. 
Thus, we take “Pursuing global knowledge” as our task.
So, we regard “Becoming business elites” as our aspiration.

The word “global” in the statement “pursuing global knowledge” stands for “international” and proves that business is transnational. Thus, knowledge must come from the globe when pursuing it, a standard for the school’s teachers. “Becoming business elites” stands for the dreams and careers of learners, while “elites” represents the high standards placed on teachers and the school.

                               Anthem of Business School 
Civilized sounds of waves heighten our bosoms.
We respond to an ancient calling inside our hearts.
Where from, and where to go.
On the road of our lives, we make more cogitation and exploration.
Chinese wisdom has widely spread like the magnificent ocean,
While the glorious tradition has been passing on by generation to make the great achievement.
The spirit will last forever through experiencing the hardship.
We undertake any tolerance to stand firmly for meeting future’s challenges.
In pursuit of global knowledge,
we become business elites,
joint hands and 
rejuvenate the national aspiration.
Under the staring sky, we listen to the singing of river & mountain.
With joint efforts, we can foresee the sparking dream.

                               Emblem of Business School
The school’s emblem uses the latitude and longitude of the earth to represent “global”, while using a five pointed star to symbolize “elites”. Overall, “becoming business elites” demonstrates the school’s subject character attributes, while “pursuing global knowledge” demonstrates that business covers the vast scope of the universe. The complete statement can thus be easily read and remembered by teachers, students and the public alike.