Hohai University MBA Scholar Forum - Psychological Tactics in Management

Hohai University MBA Scholar Forum - Psychological Tactics in Managemen

After the lecture began, Professor Zhao uncovered the mystery of psychology step by step, from the easy to the difficult and complicated. What was psychology? Why should we learn psychology? What were the applications of psychology? And what was the role of psychology in management? Through Professor Zhao's vivid demonstration and the students' active involvements, all of us benefited greatly from the core topic of "Psychological Tactics in Management"





On November 15 p.m., 2014 , the Scholar Forum Psychological Tactics in Management lecture was held in the Jiangning Convention Center in the Jiangning campus of Hohai University. The organizer, MBA Center of Hohai University, invited Mr. Zhao Kai, Professor of School of Psychology in Nanjing Normal University, Member of Social Psychology Professional Committee of Chinese Psychological Society, Member of Theory and Teaching Professional Committee of Chinese Social Psychological Association, and Secretary General of National Psychology Techniques and Applications Forum, to give a lecture on the psychological tactics in management. The lecture aimed at helping students better cope with problems in work and in getting along with others.