Hohai University MBA Entrepreneur Forum - Road of Cultivating Excellent Leadership

 Hohai University MBA Entrepreneur Forum - Road of Cultivating Excellent Leadership

At 9:00 am on November 15, all seats in the Academic Hall in the Erudite Building were occupied. The Business School of Hohai University invited Dr. Kang Chengye, Board Secretary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation, and Chairman of Huatian Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC, to attend the Hohai University MBA Entrepreneur Forum - Road of Cultivating Excellent Leadership lecture.

First, Li Jie, Executive Director of MBA Education Center of Hohai University expressed warm welcome to Chairman Kang, and stressed the importance of this lecture. After the lecture began, Dr. Kang Chengye explained the profound concept and the cultivating road of leadership in simple terms, and illustrated the importance of cultivating leadership for a business manager, combining with a large number of front-line practices. Meanwhile, in the lecture, Dr. Kang stressed the importance of self-confidence, which was the charm of a man exuding from within, and the language of one's victory. A leader, full of confidence and enthusiasm in the work, could drive the subordinates in work. What’s more, leadership was a science of practice, which was not an innate ability, but was acquired through experience in the work and life. Mr. Kang Chengye, with his unique perspective in excellent leadership, provided us with a profound lecture, combined with his own work experience and knowledge.

Throughout the lecture, interaction between Dr. Kang and the students was frequent, and the atmosphere was particularly warm. Mr. Kang Chengye not only taught about his cultivating road of leadership, and also vividly demonstrated true leadership through his personal experience.