Notice about Activities concerning Innovation Ability Training Workshop initiated by the Business School


             Notice about Activities concerning Innovation Ability Training Workshop initiated by the Business School

Innovation has become a high-frequency word nowadays, which influences the development of the nation as well as the society. In this era of innovation, innovation ability has become a core and necessary competitiveness for individuals.

Do you want to improve your innovation ability? you are welcome to apply for the Innovation Ability Training Workshop. The workshop will be led by Professor ZengJianhua from the Professional Development and Employment Service Center of the Business School. The workshop trainings will be divided into two sessions in two afternoons. A certificate of training will be granted by the School to students who participate in the workshop. Number of participants for this workshop is limited to 30. You are kindly requested to make application at your earliest convenience. 

Objectives of Training:

1. Raise students’ awareness of innovation; motivate their desires for innovation and inspire them;

2. Train students on innovative way of thinking and addressing practical issues in an all-round manner from different perspectives.

3. Improve students’ abilities of solving problems in a creative manner to achieve interaction between innovation and learning. 

Time of Training:

January 2, 201414:00-16:30

January 3, 2014 14:00-16:30

Place of Training: A509 of Boxue Building

Organizer: Professional Development and Employment Service Center of the Business School

Application: Application can be made through SMS (short messages) or phone, indicating your name, major and grade year of university.

Contact: Li Songze, 187 5199 9350

Time for Application: From the date hereof until the night of January 1, 2014