Versatile Compete and Dance for Youth – Dance Competition of Nanjing Colleges and Universities cum the Tenth Dance Competition of Hohai University 

Versatile Compete and Dance for Youth – Dance Competition of Nanjing Colleges and Universities cum the Tenth Dance Competition of Hohai University

On November 8, 2014, Dance Competition of Nanjing colleges and universities cum the Tenth Dance Competition of Hohai University was unveiled grandly with the anticipation of the audience. This competition is sponsored by the School League Committee of Hohai University, and co-sponsored by Student Union of Hohai University Business School. Professors Xu Xinning, Gao Yang, Keiko, Zheng Xiaojie and AKA griaff were present at this dance competition and served as judges.

Dance competition was unveiled under the lights and cool hot music. Ten dance teams from six universities took turns to perform on the stage. They presented all people a dance gluttonous feast. The passionate Latin, dynamic and casual Jazz, free Hip-hop, and the beautiful, classical charm made the audience crazy. After the fiery competition of the first round, five teams stood out and entered the second round competition to fight for Top Three. The “rush crew” Lanzao dance group from Hohai University came first. They were immersed in music and pushed the scene to a new climax with confident dance steps to show their youth pace. The “nice-shot” Nanxi association from Communication University of China, Nanjing used different dance steps to bring people a different kind of feeling, making people on the scene scream and applaud constantly. Yang Dongfan from Nanjing Agricultural University wore beautiful Mongolian clothing, played Mongolian dance against minor Mongolia, demonstrating strong ethnic characteristics, making all people surprised and bringing them a cozy holiday atmosphere. The hot singing and dancing of “Fire Dance” women ensemble from Nanjing XiaoZhuang University also won constant applause. Finally, the “fancy crew” from Hohai University brought the final performance. They danced for their own miracle and glory to dynamic music. All dancers are tonight's brightest stars on the stage. They are just like the brightest stars in the night sky embellishing tonight’s Hohai University so beautiful. So far, the dance contest has come to an end successfully.

This dance competition has not only presented us the versatility of all students from Nanjing colleges and universities, but also shown us the positive, energetic and youthful flair.