Two Teams from Hohai University Entered Semifinals of the 4th IMA Campus Management Accountants Case Competition

         Two Teams from Hohai University Entered Semifinals of the 4th IMA Campus Management Accountants Case Competition

On March 5,  2014, the results for the preliminary contest of the 4th IMA (Huatu Cup) Campus Management Accountants Case Competition sponsored by Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) were revealed. After strict and careful evaluation made by the judges in the preliminary contest, 65 teams coming from six competition areas, namely, Northeast China, East China, North China, Central China, Southwest China, and South China were selected to participate in semifinals. Our University had sent four teams to participate in the preliminary contest and two teams successfully entered into semifinals, which were respectively Explorers Team led by Wu Hangqi and Melody Team led by Yin Ruofan.

The 4th IMA (Huatu Cup) Campus Management Accountants Case Competition semifinals will be held during March 15 to April 10. We expect that the two teams from Our University can make careful preparation with assistance of advisors and make persistent efforts to give a better performance in semifinals.