Professor Guo Chonghui from Dalian University of Technology delivered an Academic Lecture in the Business School

Professor Guo Chonghui from Dalian University of Technology delivered an Academic Lecture in the Business School

On the invitation of the Department of Management Science and Information Management as well as Institute of Management Science of the Business School, professor Guo Chonghui, the dean of the School of Management Science and Engineering of Dalian University of Technology, delivered an academic lecture titled “Data Exploration and Business Intelligence in Dig Data Era” in Room A100 of the Boxue Building at Jiangning Campus on June 6 p.m., 2014. The lecture was chaired by Professor Wang Huimin, deputy dean of the Business School, with participation of certain teachers and postgraduates of the School.

In this lecture, Professor Guo mainly clarify the features of big data era, explained the brand-new world outlook and methodology in big data era, introduced cutting-edge application of data exploration technology as well as specific research methods for data exploration. In the end, Professor Guo shared with the teachers and students project experiences with regard to the theory and application of data exploration and made valuable suggestions regarding employment of the postgraduates, which was strongly applauded by the teachers and students present.

The lecture given by Professor Guo Chonghui has higher academic and practical value, and it has inspired the teachers and students of their thought methodology, which provides new ideas and references for the School to further improve the level of scientific research as well as the quality of talent trainings.