Fan Chuanhao


   Fan Chuanhao

          Department of Management and Human Resources, School of Business
          Phone: 0086-25-68514370


Courses Taught:
Job Analysis, Leadership, Technology Management, Career Development and Planning
Research Interests:
Human Resource Management, Team Entrepreneurship Management
Ph D, Management Science & Engineering, Hohai University, 2012
Bachelor, Labor and Social Security, Hohai University, 2007
Academic Research:
National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science Dec., 2007 ~ Jul., 2009
Researcher in State-level topic (National Social Science Foundation of China)(06BZZ038)
Research on Settlement Models of Immigrants for Reservoirs in China (Ranked 8th of all the topics)
JiangSu Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science Sep., 2009 ~ Dec., 2012
Researcher in Province-level topic(Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province)(09GLB006)
· Research on Innovation team with high-educated people
Education Department of Jiangsu Province Sep., 2008 ~ Oct., 2010
Researcher in province-level topic(Education Department of Jiangsu Province)(2008580012)
· Research on Harmonious Society in the view of Human Resource
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Social Experiences:
Accomplished, dynamic professional and PhD with more than four years of experience conducting high-level scientific research. Motivated by challenge to improve team effectiveness for entrepreneurial team. Active leader and team player with optimistic mind. Dedicated scholar with strong teaching experience and strategic approach to problem solving. Master in software such as OFFICE,SPSS,AMOS. Excellent learner and adaptive with new environment. Passionate in sports, love basketball and mountain climbing. Fluent in English and Chinese.
Awards and Honors:
 •First-Class PhD Scholarship
 •Second-Class National Scholarship
 •Province Government Scholarship