Huang Dechun


    HUANG Dechun

        Department of Economics and International Trade
        School of Business, Hohai University
        Phone: 0086-25-68514908


Courses Taught:
Investment, Stock Investment Analysis, Stock Analysis, Enterprises Investment and Financing Management, Modern Economics, International Economics
Research Interests:
Industrial Economics, Technological Economics and Finance and Investment
 Visiting Scholar, Finance, University of Northern Iowa, 2006.08-2007
 Post Doctorate, Theoretical Economics, Nanjing University – Nanjing, 2004.09-2006.07
 Ph D, Technological Economics and Management, Hohai University – Nanjing, 2001.02-2003.12
 Master, Enterprises Management, Hohai University – Nanjing, 1997.09-1999.07
 Professional Training, English for Commercial Use, South East University – Nanjing, 1996.02-1996.07
 Bachelor, Food Engineering, Jiangnan University – Wuxi, 1985.09-1989.07
Academic Research:
Hosted and participated in more than ten projects, including the National Social Science Fund Projects, the National Social Science Fund Key Programs, the National Natural Science Fund Projects, “11th Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Support Plan-key projects, and provincial funds, as well as undertaking dozens of government and corporate consulting project. The representative projects are as follows:
 Cooperating and Development of Mechanism Research between China Water Resources and Surrounding Countries “Corpus” Social Economical Analyses of Water Resources Cooperation between China and other Surround Countries, the key project of National Social Science Fund. (Project Approval No. : 11 & ZD168), 2012-2015, the Principal.
 The Theory, Method and Application Research of IT Investment and Financing Management, supported by the Ministry of Education Philosophy Department. (Project Approval No. : 11 JHQ024), 2011-2013, the Principal.
 Strategy Research in the Finance of Specific Industry: Water Conservancy, Agriculture, Science and Technology, the Supply Chain, 2013-2014, the executive principal, in progress.
 The Evaluation Theory of Small Hydropower and Key Technology Research, the Specific Research Project of Public Welfare in Ministry of Water Resources. (Project Approval No. : 201200010), 2012-2014, the executive principal.
 Complex, Vague and Multi-attribute Large Decision System and Model Research of Major Water Conservancy Engineering Facing the Public Participation, the National Natural Science Foundation of China. (Project Approval No. G0213), 2012-2014, participant.
 Industry & Finance & Culture Innovation--“ The World’s water ”, Collaborative Innovation Center and Colleges, Jiangsu Province
 Studies on Strengthening the Cooperation between Jiangsu Province and Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Fund, (Project No.14SZB028), 2014.05-2016.06
 Risk Evaluation Mechanism on Social stability for the construction of major water conservancy project, The national social science fund, (Project No.11BGL088), 2011-2012
 The Cooperation Governance Model of Water Pollution in China’s Basin and Its Application Research in the Taihu Lake Basin, the National Social Science Fund, (Project No.07BJY068), 2007-2009
 Strategy Research on the Development of China's Software City, Key Projects of Information Industry Hall in Jiangsu Province, (Project No.08EYA002), 2006-2007
 Some Key Technology Research And Application of South-To-North Water Diversion Project “Corpus” Engineering Construction and Operation Management Decision Support Technology Research, the Major Project of 11th Five-Year National Science and Technology, (Project No. 2006BAB04A13), 2006-2010
 Strategy Research on Huangdao Power Plant Coal Futures, Huangdao Power Plant, 2005-2006
More than 80 academic papers have been published in China Industry Economics, China Population, Resources and Environment etc, including over 10 papers abstracted in SCI/EI.
 HUANG Dechun, DONG Yuyi and LIU Bingsheng, Regional Energy Efficiency in China Based on a Three-Stage DEA Model, Journal of Resources and Ecology,2014,3
 HUANG Dechun, MA Huiyan, Study on Influencing factors of Non-Interest Income in China’s Listed Banks,(MASS 2010)- IEEE Wuhan Section, Sichuan University, Wuhan University, James Madison University, Ei & ISTP
 HUANG Dechun, GUO Hongxiang, The research about shanghai and Shenzhen Stock 300 Index Futures Simulation Trading by Using VAR Risk Measurement, International Conference on Engineering Management and Service Science(EMS 2009), 2009,9,20-22, EI
 HUANG Dechun, ZHANG Changzheng etc, Research on Knowledge Management Based on the Scheduling Flow of Water Resources, 2009 Sixth International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD 2009),ISBN978-0-7695-3735-1,2009/8/14-16, EI
 HUANG Dechun, LIU Zhibiao, Andrew F.Thompson, CHEN Jie, Domestic Industrial Environmental Cost and Strategic Choice in Developing Countries, Journal of International Business and Economy,2007,8(2),49-67;The Sixth International Business and Economy Conference, San Francisco, California, 2007/01/4-7.
 HUANG Dechun, Assessment after Project Investment, Marine Press, ISBN7-5027-6174-8/P.808, 2004.08
 HUANG Dechun, YANG Kaijun, Economic Analysis on the social regulation efficiency (11th Five-year Plan of Jiangsu Province Key Publishing Planning Project, Hohai University Press, ISBN978-7-5630-2780-4/F.287, 2010.12
 HUANG Dechun, HUA Jian, ZHOU Yanping, Transboundary Water Pollution Governance Mechanism Research of Yangtze River Delta, Nanjing University Press, ISBN978-7-305-07801-9, 2010.11
 ZHANG Changzheng, HUANG Dechun, HUA Jian, Major Social Stability Risk Assessment of the Water Conservancy Project, Tsinghua University Press, ISBN978-7-302-33136-0, 2013.11
 HUANG Dechu, XU Min, HUA Jian, ZHANG Changzheng, The Yacht Industry and Investment, Science Press, ISBN978-7-03-039363-0,2014.03
 FENG Jingchun, LI Ming, WANG Yan, HUANG Dechun, IT Project Management Theory and Method, China WaterPower Press, ISBN978-7-5084-6403-9, 2009.06
Social Experiences:
 Science and Technology Young Leader in the 4th Phase of “ the 333 Young and Middle-aged High-level Personnel Training Engineering” in Jiangsu Province
 Decision- Support Consultant of The Commission in Jiangsu Province, Expert in Financial Group, Personnel Department in Jiangsu Province, Expert in Cadres Commission Co-chaired, Organization Department in Jiangsu Province
 Management Science Journal Reviewer, 2012-
 Chief scientist, Industry & Finance & Culture Innovation--“The World’s Water”, Collaborative Innovation Center and Colleges, Jiangsu Province