Graduation Party was Held in HHBS

On June, 19th , Graduation Party was Held in Auditorium of Boxue Building. School Executives, faculty representatives, and graduates took part in this graduation party.

     Along with the passionate music, representatives of undergraduate students, postgraduate students, MBA students walked through the red carpet, memorizing the beautiful days spent in HHBS. Then, all the audience watched the graduate video which was shot and produced by students themselves. Together with all the students, school executives pressed the memorandum fingerprints, marking the precious youth of the graduates.

     MBA students performed song medley, expressing the warm affection of school life. Poetry recitation "To Youth" rivered four years of college life into a poem, winning waves of applause from the audience. Councelors performed "love", leading atmosphere into climax.

     Finally, emerged in the blessing of teachers and leaders, the graduation party ended in a warm atmosphere.