Brief Introduction to Financial Management

The major of Financial Management of Business School, Hohai University, was established to meet the requirements of the reform and development of national undergraduate education. In 1995, this major initially enrolled undergraduates with the major of Chrematistics. In 1999, the major was renamed as Financial Management according to the Catalogue of Undergraduate Majors of Higher Institutions edited by Ministry of Education (1998). Up to now, it has undergone 17 years’ development and cultivated over 800 undergraduates in 13 sessions.
 The teaching task of Financial Management is mainly undertaken by the Finance Department of Business School. After decades of development, the major has accomplished impressive achievements in faculty construction, teaching conditions, specialty construction, teaching resources and teaching management. It is basically characterized by its stable enrollment, sound teaching conditions, high faculty level, advanced teaching management and conspicuous teaching effects.
 The major of Financial Management has established a well-constructed team of teachers, achieved research fruits at high levels and provided high-quality management consultancy and training services. Since 2007, the major was incorporated to the enrollment platform of Business Administration of Business School. It thereby enrolls approximately 80 undergraduates with high quality each year. It has set up specific goals of cultivating talents and establishing a complete set of talent training programs, in order to facilitate the students to cater to the requirements of society. The undergraduates of the major of Financial Management are provided with good employment prospects and various employment opportunities, such as accounting and financial management positions in institutions, business enterprises, financial institutions and institutional organizations. Our graduates have mostly become the financial mainstays and won good social reputation after they started their career in the society.