Brief Introduction to Engineering Management

The major of Engineering Management is subordinated to the Department of Engineering Economics and Management Department of Business School, Hohai University. Its foundation can be dated back to over 20 years ago. The construction of discipline has achieved fruitful results after 20 years’ development. In 2007, the post-doctoral mobile research station of Management Science and Engineering was launched and the Technical Economy and Management was approved as China’s key(cultivation) discipline. Currently, 3 doctoral stations and 2 master stations have been set up to cultivate top engineering management talents for civil engineering and hydraulic fields, forming a well-established  education system of bachelor-master-doctor and enrolling more than 200 undergraduates, master and doctoral graduates every year.
 The major takes advantage of the competitive resources of Hohai University. After years of development, it has established sufficient teaching facilities and practice bases out of school. Besides, it has set up many provincial experimental teaching demonstration bases in the field of Economic Management, Mechanics, Engineering Geomatics, Engineering Materials and so on. In the recent years, the major follows the industrial dynamics, establishes Engineering Management Research Institute, Water Economics Research Institute, International Engineering Management Research Institute and Project Management Informatization Research Institute, undertakes the construction management consultancy and research for multiple large and middle projects in China, and actively introduces students to take part in scientific and academic researches.
 Meanwhile, in order to broaden students’ international views,   the major has established collaboration agreements with University of California Riverside, University of Alabama Huntsville, North University of Iowa, University of Houston, branch of University of Vitoria, University of Western Ontario and University of Wales Bangor. In this way, we have cultivated many world-oriented top engineering management talents in the way of high-end visits, students exchanges and collaborative cultivations.