Brief Introduction to Business Management

The major of Business Management, which was founded in 1998, is characterized by its comprehensiveness and fundamentality. The major has developed a well-established discipline structure, including Business Management(Bachelor), Business Management (Master), MBA master station, Technical Economy and Management (Doctor) and Business Management post-doctoral mobile research stations. The undergraduate  education of this major contains a large amount and a wide range of knowledge.
 As the fundamental major in Business College, Business Management have been attached great importance to by Hohai  University. Our faculty is mainly led by the doctoral advisers. In addition, the major pays great attention to scientific researches and practice. The teachers have carried out various key scientific research projects and business consulting projects,  combining the theories with real practice to cultivate skillful talents for modern society.
Nowadays, the major is oriented towards the training of strategy and management consultancy and aims at cultivating talents who have a systematical command of strategic management theories with good  competence in analyzing and solving problems. Our students usually have good communication and collaboration abilities with high team-work spirit. Our graduates are mainly engaged in the strategy, planning and decision consultancy department in various enterprises, governments and institutional organizations.
 With a long history of development, the major of Business Management has cultivated numbers of outstanding students, who have been exerting positive influence and effects in society.
 Furthermore, the students of Business Management have  an alternative of Yacht Management. The emerging yacht industry in China still leaves large blank in industrial policies, management standards, business modes, operating management and market. Therefore, the graduates from Yacht Management are in urgent need. The advantageous discipline of Hydraulics at Hohai University provides guarantee to the establishment of Yacht Management. Meanwhile, the major of Business Management owns competitive scientific strengthes and has cooperated with China’s first yacht club - Shenzhen Bay Marina Club, to establish a Research Center of Yacht Management at Hohai University in order to  better serve the teaching and research of Yacht Management.