Brief Introduction to International Economy and Trade

The major of International Economy and Trade in Business School of Hohai University has a long eduction history. In 1995, it began to enroll undergraduate students in foreign-related economy direction. In 1999, it was given the authority to grant bachelor’s degree of International Economy and Trade, while in 2003, it obtained the authority to grant the bachelor’s degree of International Economy and Trade. The profession of International Economy and trade has ranked the top 10% in 2012 national undergraduate programs, and got 4 stars.
This major aims to train well-informed, capable, creative International Economy and Trade professionals that can adapt to the social and economic development. The students are required to grasp basic principles of economics and basic theories of International Economy and Trade systematically, to know the development situation of contemporary International Economy and Trade and the socio-economic situation of major countries and regions, to be familiar with the rules and customs and usages of international trade, to master the policies and regulations of China’s Foreign Trade.
The economics and International trade in Business School have a team of teachers of high scientific attainments, strong research capability and rich teaching experience. Our faculty mainly consist of young and middle-aged teachers, including 20 full-time teachers, 4 professors, 10 associate professors, and 3 doctoral supervisors. 75% teachers have achieved the Doctor’s degree. Up to now, there are 9 teachers who have studied abroad. Now, 5 teachers prepare to go to America and Australia for further education, meanwhile, many domestic and foreign specilists and scholars are invited to give lectures to the students in our major. With many years’ efforts, this profession has developed into one of the most influential and characteristic International Trade professions.
     Our graduates mainly work in large domestic and international companies. Many of them have becomed the elite and business backbones, and some of them have been self-employed. For years, many graduates got the admission to Nanjing University, Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Xiamen University and other prestigious universities for further study. And some study abroad in The USA, The UK for further education.