Brief Introduction to Human Resource Management

The major of Human Resource Management is one of the initially established majors in Business school of Hohai University, which is one of the first three colleges to set up Human Resource Management Major. Due to its long history of development, this major have owned competitive edges in standard course systems and advanced teaching levels. The graduates have been exerting good influences in society after they stepped out of school.
     The major of Human Resource Management has developed well-established discipline system. Except Bachelor degree, the major also issues degrees of Mater and Doctor and sets up post-doctoral mobile research stations for the discipline of Business Management. Thus, we have established a comprehensive scientific research and teaching systems.     
     With a long term of development, the major of Human Resource Management has established a competitive faculty team by internal cultivation and external introduction. The faculty is reasonably structured in age, knowledge and hierarchy. In the near future, this major will continue to introduce top talents, in order to further strengthen the faculty force in our school.