Brief Introduction to Marketing

     The major of Marketing in Hohai University began to enroll students in 2000 and obtained the right to grant degrees in 2004. The Marketing Department in Business College are mainly in charge of the teaching and cultivation work of students. The department currently has 5 professors, 2 assistant professors and 8 lecturers in total.
     The major aims to cultivate compound top talents in marketing management for enterprises. The students are required to have a good command of basic theories of modern marketing and abilities to organize and manage marketing in various enterprises. Their work ranges include analyzing the market, making plans for marketing programs. Usually, they are required to get familiar with the polices, guidelines and rules of marketing in China. Also, they should know about the rules and regulations of international marketing with multiple abilities to analyze and solve practical marketing problems, to collect, absorb and analyze information of marketing, and to apply qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to solve problems. In many occasions, they have a good competence in language and writing skills with practical abilities to communicate with customers, develop new customers, maintain close relationships with various types of customers. The graduates cultivated by our major are innovative, adventurous, collaborative and competent in cross-culture management. They have rich knowledge of up-to-date theories and know how to apply the theories in various social organizations. Above all, they have a high sense of social responsibility and positive awareness of business ethics.
     The graduates of Marketing are mainly engaged in the marketing organization and management in business companies, financial institutions and foreign trade companies or jobs related to planning and consultancy in advertising agencies and consulting companies.