Brief Introduction to Information Management and Information System

   The major of Information Management and Information System is originated from the System Engineering Research Department in Management Engineering College of Hohai University founded in 1984. In 1997, the major of Information Management and Information System was launched and began to enroll students in the autumn. It’s a compound major in combination of management science, information science, system science, computer science, economic science and so on. The primary research areas include management information system, information management, IT project management, IT service management, logistics and supply chain management, operations management, forecast and decision-making, etc. The graduates of our major are mainly engaged in jobs like the analysis, design, operation and maintenance of systems, programming and management of information technology in the field of information management.
    After decades of development, a capable professional faculty team has been established in the combined way of internal talents training and external talents introduction. The teaching staff is reasonably structured in age, knowledge, hierarchy and education. The 19 full-time teachers include 2 professors, 9 associate professors and 8 lecturers, among whom 17 teachers have doctor’s degree, with a proportion of 89.4%. The middle-aged and young teachers take up 88.2% at an average age of 37.8. The first professional degrees of the teachers are from key universities. The dominant teachers have an average of over 20 years’ teaching experience and has yielded excellent teaching effects. Our teachers are encouraged to strengthen foreign exchanges and quite a few of them have finished their studies abroad and returned to China.
    The major of Information Management and Information System  has set up goals of cultivating and instructing talents. It aims to cultivate high-quality talents that adapt to the requirements of modern e-business with knowledge and abilities in business skills, information technology, management, economy, laws, foreign languages. They are developed to have a systematic command of basic theories and methods of e-business transaction and network marketing with good practical operational skills. The major focuses on the training of students’ comprehensive quality and abilities of adaptability, organization, coordination and innovation, and to transfer professional talents in e-business and network marking for business enterprises, Internet companies, government departments, NPOs, education departments and scientific research departments .