Student Group from University of Alabama in Huntsville Visited HHBS


  During May 11th to May 23th, Student Group from University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) arrived in HHBS, the team leader of which is Yeqing Bao, Associate Dean of Business School in UAH. This group is formed by 12 members, including undergraduate students, master students, and MBA students. Through their two weeks’ visit, students from HHBS accompanied them, and various academic and cultural exchange activities are conducted.

During the first period, Student Group launched academic exchanges and seminars among students and teachers, the theme of which is International Trade and Investment    Climate in China. Setting Yurun Group, the largest private food enterprise in China, as investigation object, Student Group visited Yurun Group for several times. They conducted case analysis and workshop on how to promote the products of Yurun Group to international markets - setting America market as an example. Finally, American students and Chinese students cooperated together and gave an excellent presentation on their analysis results. During the two weeks, they also visited Free Trade Zone in Shanghai and enterprises in Suzhou.

Except for academic exchanges, HHBS also organized a variety of cultural exchange activities for the visiting Student Group, such as Ping-pong, basketball, badminton, Taiji, and Chinese Calligraphy. American students also visited Jiangning Campus and Qingliangshan Campus of Hohai University, the Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre, Zhonghuamen Castle, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing, the Forbidden City and Great Wall in Beijing. These visiting activities facilitate foreign students to get a better understanding of Chinese historic cultures.

In general, this exchange activity provides Chinese and American students with a good opportunity to understand the cultural differences and similarities in east and west. Through communications with each other, the cooperation relationships between UAH and HHU are further enhanced.

HHBS is in charge of the organization of this academic exchange activity, and International Cooperation Office in HHBS undertakes the specific implementation of all the acvitities during their visit. Department of Economics and International Trade, MBA Education Center, Youth League Committee, and International Education Center participate in this event and give students effective guidance. College of International Education and International Office in Hohai University provide large support for this exchange activity.