Vice Governor of ABA Region from Sichuan Province Visited HHBS

       Vice Governor of ABA Region from Sichuan Province Visited HHBS

On 16th, March, YANG Changqing, Vice Governor of ABA Region from Sichuan Province visited HHBS. ZHOU Haiwei, Associate Dean of HHBS, ZHANG Yang, Director of “World Water Valley” and Water Ecology Civilization Collaborative Innovation Center, HUANG Dechun, School Committee Member, warmly received the distinguished guests.

 Firstly, Governor YANG visited basic facilities of HHBS. Dean ZHOU introduced the history, discipline advantage, and internationalization of HHBS. Then, Director ZHANG explained the connotation and concept of “World Water Valley”. Prof. HUANG made a report on ecological restoration after the earthquake in Sichuan Province. Both sides reached broad consensus after heated discussion.

   Governor YANG’s visit to HHBS exerted deep and practical influence on the cooperation relationships between ABA region and HHBS.