2015 Laos ME Class Starts in Laos Local Company  

                                                  2015 Laos ME Class Starts in Laos Local Company 



On 23rd, Oct, 2015 Laos ME class starts in Laos Local Company. Student from Laos local companies   

attended the commencement ceremony. 


Dr. LIU Shuangqin, on behalf of faculty members in Business School of Hohai University, made an inspiring speech during the first class, expressing Hohai University’s best wishes to all the student members in Laos. Then, HU Shengfeng, executive manager of local Laos Company, took the floor on behalf of students members in Laos. They promised to study hard and become a competent Hohai Student.


           After the first class, Laos students said that they really benefited a lot from the class.